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Gamified Ads: How Gamification Increased Qualified Leads for Job Applications by 700%


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Case Study Summary

The Challenge

The Solution

The Results

The Challenge

Our client, a Fortune 100 Company and global powerhouse, faced a unique hurdle in Thailand. Despite their diverse portfolio, they were largely seen as a maker of washing machines and power tools, overshadowing their crucial role as a top parts supplier for car makers.

In Thailand, they mainly hired for their automotive division. However, they had recently set up a state-of-the-art R&D division, specializing in powertrain solutions, aiming to tap into Thailand's potential as an automotive tech hub. With this new R&D center, they had a pressing task at hand: reshaping their image in the Thai market.

Realizing they needed a makeover, they aimed to shed their old image and instead highlight their commitment to innovation, top-notch engineering, and opportunities for young talent.

Rebranding a Fortune 100

The client’s goals was to attract the best engineers for their existing plants and new R&D center in Thailand. That meant we first needed to successfully rebrand the Fortune 100 Company from a traditional manufacturer to a tech-forward innovator.

Sourcing Top-Tier Talent

Piggybacking off our rebranding efforts in top-of-funnel campaigns, we then needed to convert rebranding awareness into qualified job applications in Thailand.

To do this, we had to effectively communicate the exciting career prospects to young engineers to source and hire the region’s top talent into the company.


The Solution

When diving into the challenge of reshaping the Fortune 100 Company's image in the Thai market and attracting young engineering talent, we turned to data and digital strategies that resonated with our target demographic.

Here's how we tackled it:

Understanding the Demographics

In-depth market research revealed that 83% of Thai individuals aged 16-24 were avid daily mobile video game players, with an even gender split.

Moreover, 93% of the Thai population actively used Facebook daily, and 91% were daily users of YouTube. Armed with this data, we knew precisely where to focus our advertising efforts.

Targeting on Facebook and YouTube

To effectively reach our demographic, primarily consisting of 18-30-year-old engineers, we concentrated our advertising efforts on Facebook and YouTube. These platforms offered the ideal playground to engage with our target audience.

Lead Magnet with Gamified Campaigns

Leveraging the high concentration of mobile gamers and Facebook users within our target demographic, we created Facebook campaigns featuring HTML5 games with randomized prizes. These games served as lead magnets, enticing users to engage. Randomly selected winners received branded prizes, such as smartwatches and merchandise. This approach not only captured attention but also differentiated the company from other employers.

Educating the Target Market

Once users entered our marketing funnel, we shifted gears to engage and inform through both Facebook and YouTube. Short, engaging informational videos about the company’s operations globally and in Thailand took center stage. We highlighted the automotive division and the groundbreaking R&D center. To stand out from the competition and showcase their innovation, we also marketed an online mobile augmented reality display of current company parts manufactured in Thailand, allowing users to see what was being manufactured in Thailand in 3D through their phone’s camera.

Filling the Talent Pipeline

As users became acquainted with the company's global and Thai presence, recognizing it as an engineering front-runner, we strategically split our efforts at the funnel's end based on available internship and full-time engineering positions. For university students currently enrolled in Thai engineering universities, we focused on showcasing the exciting engineering internship opportunities available, while for junior positions, we targeted recent graduates from Thailand's top engineering schools, aiming to recruit fresh talent into the company.


The Results

The results of the company's digital transformation and branding efforts in Thailand were nothing short of impressive.

Here are the key outcomes of our efforts:

50k+ Campaign Game Plays

The decision to create gamified campaigns on Facebook proved to be a brilliant move. With 50,000 game plays, we not only captured the attention of their target audience but also actively engaged them and made the recruiting process more exciting for potential candidates.

14x Increase in Video Retention Rates

Remarketing short, engaging informational videos on Facebook and YouTube to users who had played our games was highly effective.

The fact that the completely watched video retention rate jumped from 2% to an impressive 28% is a testament to the targeting, remarketing and relevance of our content.

Having the brand top-of-mind through the initial gamified campaigns before educating the same users on the company suggests that potential candidates were genuinely interested in learning more about the company and it’s job opportunities.

700% Growth in Qualified Job Applications

Our strategic approach, beginning with the creation of gamified campaigns, followed up with engaging informational videos, proved to be a game-changer in our quest to attract young engineering talent.

This innovative approach led to a staggering 700% increase in qualified job applications compared to previously marketed job applications.

Number 24 Ranked Employer in Thailand

One of the most significant achievements was the substantial improvement in the Fortune 100 Company's employer attractiveness ranking in the field of engineering in Thailand.

Moving from number 63 to 24 in just one year, according to the Universum Talent Survey, showcased that we had successfully contributed to rebranding them as an attractive destination for engineering talent in the Thai market. This shift in perception was crucial for long-term talent acquisition and retention.

In summary, our data-driven and digital marketing strategies in Thailand not only met the challenge head-on but also yielded remarkable results.

By understanding the demographics, focusing on the right platforms, and utilizing the right mediums, we transformed their image in Thailand from a household goods manufacturer to a tech-forward innovator.

The substantial increase in job applications and significantly enhanced employer attractiveness ranking demonstrate the success of our efforts in attracting young engineering talent and reshaping the company’s image in the Thai market.



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About the Author

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Raphael Tosti

Founding Partner and Technical Lead

@Mookie Digital

Raphael founded Mookie Digital after training with Ex-Google partners and leading internal systems development and paid marketing for Bosch.

He leads tracking integrations, landing page design and development, video/image asset creation, analytics, and co-leads all advertising operations.

Date Published: 02.02.2024

Date Modified: 02.02.2024

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